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BBVA Donates 300,000 to Four NGOs for Projects Related to a Greener and More Inclusive World

BBVA Donates 300,000 to Four NGOs for Projects Related to a Greener and More Inclusive World

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BBVA is firmly committed to working towards building a greener and more inclusive society. To this end, for the third consecutive year and on the occasion of the Annual General Meeting (AGM), the bank will make a donation of 300,000 euros to social organizations working in four areas related to the environment and inclusive growth. Fundación Grandes Amigos en Acción, CESAL, Fundación Plan Internacional and Fundación Ecomar were the winning organisations in 2022.

These are the winners in each of the four categories that BBVA defined for social organizations to present their projects: Each of the entities received an initial amount of 50,000 euros, plus a proportional share of the remaining 100,000 euros, which was distributed according to the votes cast by the shareholders. The results of the vote were: health and dependency 51.3%, education 21%, inequality 17.9% and environment 9.8%.

  1. Fundación Grandes Amigos en Acción will receive 101,345 euros in the Health and Dependency category, for its project Vivir sin soledad (Living without Loneliness), which aims to increase the well-being and reduce unwanted loneliness of elderly people in a situation of loneliness and isolation, enhancing their independence and ability to remain in their social environment.
  2. Fundación Plan Internacional will receive 70,987 euros in the Education category, for its Child Friendly Spaces project, which aims to provide safe spaces for the development of linguistic and digital skills, recreational and pedagogical activities, emotional support and educational reinforcement for children between 6 and 14 years old Ukrainian refugees, or refugees of other nationalities, who may reside in the Reception, Assistance and Referral Centers (CREADE) in Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid) during the implementation of the project.
  3. CESAL will receive 67,870 euros in the Inequality category for its San Cristóbal Market School project, aimed at renovating and revitalizing the market to contribute to the training and employment of vulnerable groups from a sustainable perspective.
  4. Fundación Ecomar will receive 59,798 euros in the Environment category, for its APPS ECOMAR, environmental education and awareness project which aims to raise awareness and teach children about caring for the sea, promote self-reliance to ensure universal accessibility in institutions, promote environmental awareness and encourage recycling, reduce consumption and reuse.

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In this edition, the four winning organizations were selected in two phases: first,  Fundación Lealtad —an independent evaluator of NGOs that analyses their management, governance, use of funds, economic situation, volunteering and transparency— evaluated the entities, reviewing the information submitted and their compliance with the requirements established in the rules of participation.

Subsequently, a multidisciplinary jury made up of BBVA representatives and leading social organizations ((Fundación Codespa, Fundación Lealtad, Fundación ONCE, Fad Juventud and ECODES) selected the winning entities, looking at the significance, viability, and impact of each project.

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