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CB Therapeutics granted a new patent that will help further provide eco-conscious avenues for psychedelic research


CB Therapeutics granted a new patent that will help further provide eco-conscious avenues for psychedelic research

CB Therapeutics, a biotechnology and precision fermentation company focused on using cellular agriculture to produce environmentally-friendly products for human health, has been granted a new patent covering the use of microorganisms to produce tryptamines and their analogs, such as psilocybin and various other molecules found in “magic” mushrooms. The patent marks yet another milestone for the Company in its journey to create safe, sustainable, and scalable compounds for various industries, researchers and clinicians.

This patent allows CB Therapeutics to own a production process that is the future of the psychedelic medicine industry. Almost all other methods to produce these molecules are costly, time-consuming or create significant amounts of toxic waste, CO2 and other byproducts that negatively impact the environment.

CB Therapeutics’ cellular agriculture platform enables the conversion of cheap feedstocks into high-value compounds. The result is a scalable and eco-conscious supply chain, carried out by precision fermentation, which is the future for various products and therapeutics, including the psychedelic medicine industry.

“Businesses and research institutions in the emerging psychedelic industry need to get serious about ESG now because once the industry is established, it will be too late. Right now is the time to provide services that adhere to this paradigm change and we are motivated to grow as an innovative player in the industry. Our company may be small but we are doing big things to make the biotechnology sector more environmentally sustainable,” says Sher Ali Butt, Co-Founder and CEO.

While patents tend to stir up controversy in regulated markets, they continue to be essential for small, innovative companies. They protect valuable IPs, which paves the way for smaller companies to work with large corporations, such as CB Therapeutics’ recent partnership, launching TryptageniX with atai Life Sciences. Easing the way for such partnerships could help diversify service offerings in the psychedelic space through collaboration.

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“Increasing access to safe and sustainably produced therapeutics is more achievable than ever before through innovations in synthetic biology and precision fermentation. We are very proud to be at the forefront of this movement, and to be a part of a growing number of groups innovating in the psychedelic medicine space to unlock these powerful molecules for researchers and clinicians to help patients with unmet needs,” says Co-Founder, Jacob Vogan. “This is a ‘rising tide lifts all boats’ moment of societal benefit in accessing therapeutics through new sustainable processes.”

The CB Therapeutics team of researchers, executives and esteemed advisory board members are hopeful this will better standardize eco-conscious research into products for human health, including foods, cannabinoids and psychedelic medicines. Furthermore, with ethical considerations applied, this patent gives rise to new molecules and therapies that will be faster and cheaper than currently available, ultimately benefiting the hundreds of millions of people who suffer from mental illnesses globally.

Source: CB Therapeutics


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