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Celebrate Earth Month With 7 Purposefully-Made Products You Can Find at Walmart

Celebrate Earth Month With 7 Purposefully-Made Products You Can Find at Walmart

It has always been our purpose to help people live better. Customers trust us to provide them with safe, affordable and quality products. With a changing climate and escalating urgency around protecting natural resources, it is our responsibility that this purpose also extend to ensuring our customers can shop more sustainably. That means providing customers with products that are designed to reduce specific environmental impacts, whether by using recycled materials, designing for recyclability, offering affordable and convenient reuse and refill options or made with certified sustainable ingredients.

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As we wrap up Earth Month, here is a small selection of seven budget-friendly and purposefully-made products that you can find at Walmart — every day. We’re striving to make the sustainable choice the mainstream choice — and that begins with convenience.

Sustainable Product - Palmolive

1. Simple Act, Big Impact

Palmolive Shake & Clean Dish Soap:
Palmolive’s Shake & Clean dishwashing liquid soap starter kit features a 20 ounce reusable bottle of dish soap along with one 5 ounce pouch of concentrated dish soap gel. When it’s time to refill, just fill the bottle with tap water, add the concentrate, shake it up and get to cleaning. Palmolive says its dishwashing liquid pouches help reduce plastic waste because each individual refill pouch contains 75% less plastic waste than a brand new 20 ounce bottle of Palmolive dish soap. And the reusable Palmolive bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic.

Sustainable Product - Back to the Roots Gardening

2. No Green Thumb Needed

Back to the Roots Gardening Kits:
Back to the Roots, an organic garden brand, makes pollinator-friendly garden kits for adults and kids, available at Walmart. The best part? No green thumb or big backyard needed. The company estimates that our customers will start 2 million organic gardens across the U.S. this spring with Back to the Roots seed packets.

Sustainable Product - Lunchskin Bags

3. Feel-Good Freshness

LunchSkins Sandwich Bags:
LunchSkins disposable paper sandwich bags are made from glassine or pure wood pulp to keep food fresh until you’re ready to eat. According to the woman-owned company, the bags are plastic free, comply with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) food safety standards, and to date, have replaced more than 2.8 billion plastic bags. The company also gives back to causes that support ocean health and fight climate change.

Sustainable Product - Cleancult Multipurpose Cleaners

4. Refill It Up!

Cleancult Multipurpose Cleaners:
The Cleancult multipurpose cleaning system combines refill cartons and glass bottles so you can replenish your supply, recycle your cartons and enjoy a clean, feel-good routine. To add, the cartons are made of 100% recyclable paper-based packaging, according to the company.

Sustainable Product - LOL Surprise Earth Love Dolls

5. Sustainability Is for Kids, Too

LOL Surprise Earth Love Dolls:
MGA Entertainment is swapping out LOL Surprise dolls’ iconic plastic ball encasement for a paper one to keep all the fun intact without any of the wasteful plastic. According to MGA, they expect to ship over 45 million units globally by the end of the year, avoiding about three metric tons of plastic production as a result, so you and your children don’t have to pick between sustainability and fun toys.

Sustainable Product - Repreve

6. The Wonder Fiber

REPREVE polyester is made by processing recycled plastic bottles into small chips that are then transformed into recycled fiber then into fabric. This fabric is used by numerous brands today to make athletic and fashion apparel, hunting gear and furniture. The process embeds properties like moisture wicking, adaptive warming and cooling, water repellency and more for reliable, durable fabric. According to REPREVE, it has transformed more than 25 billion recycled plastic bottles into recycled polyester since 2007. For more products made with REPREVE, look for the green stripe with REPREVE messaging on Walmart tags across our categories.

Sustainable Product - GV Dish Soap

7. Made With Home, Family & Planet in Mind

Promise Household Line:
Designed with the earth in mind, Walmart’s Our Promise private brand products often feature recycled packaging, biodegradable formulas and no unnecessary added chemicals. Look for the Our Promise label on individual Great Value products, including dish soap, plates and bowls, to read about sustainable features for each item, including certifications for biobased and composability.

Find these and more sustainable products online and at Walmart U.S. stores. To explore other purposefully-made merchandise, check out Walmart’s Built For Better program.

Source: Walmart Inc.


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