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LGElectronics USA has been recognized for leadership in Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. LG received the EPA’s “Product Champion” Award, special recognition for demonstrating significant environmental, social and economic outcomes that go above and beyond the requirements of the EPA’s SMM Electronics Challenge. LG also received the highest-level Gold-Tier recognition in the challenge itself.

LG strives to make products with greener features that reduce environmental impacts throughout the product’s lifecycle. The EPA SMM Product Champion Award bestowed upon LG this year spotlights soundbar innovations that help reduce environmental impact and are designed to be easier to disassemble and recycle. LG uses recycled materials in the product composition and packaging for soundbars, while reducing environmental impacts and CO2 emissions through the design and manufacturing processes.

LG Electronics North America President and CEO Thomas Yoon applauded the EPA SMM program, which inspires sustainable product leadership and encourages responsible recycling. “By using third-party certified recyclers, we’re proud to help drive environmentally protective practices. At the same time, reducing the environmental impact of our products through their entire lifecycle is a key ESG focus at LG,” he said.

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The EPA cited LG’s significant contributions to the SMM Electronics Challenge goals by collecting a substantial amount of used electronics for reuse and recycle, sending 100 percent of used electronics to certified third-party recyclers, and publicly sharing detailed information about its electronic management practices. The EPA Gold Tier SMM Challenge Award recognizes LG’s collection and responsible recycling of more than 21,000 tons of used electronics, diverting solid waste from landfills in the past year. This avoided the equivalent of more than 56,000 tons of CO2 emissions. 

Recognizing LG and other industry leaders for achievements in sustainable product lifecycle management, EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan said, “Electronics are a global economic driver with supply chains that reach around the world and products that play a big role in our daily lives.” He applauded efforts “to recover and recycle valuable resources like precious metals, critical minerals, plastics and glass. It’s going to take all of us working together to build a sustainable future.”

Supporting its commitment to responsible recycling, LG Electronics Inc. is the world’s first “Global e-Stewards Enterprise.” The e-Stewards standard, developed by the Basel Action Network, is the world’s most rigorous certification program for electronics recyclers. It prevents the export and dumping of toxic electronic waste in developing countries and calls for safeguards to protect private data and ensure that recycling plant workers are not exposed to toxic materials.

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