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Haven Health CEO Discusses Eliminating Uncertainty in the Healthcare System – ESG News

Haven Health CEO Discusses Eliminating Uncertainty in the Healthcare System – ESG News

Vince Albanese, CEO/Founder of Haven Health Solutions discusses eliminating uncertainty in healthcare at Converge2Xcelerate Conference (Boston, MA)


  • Haven Health Solutions uses blockchain to add a layer of security and trust between the pharmacies, doctors, and patients
  • Haven Health offers the only healthcare digital asset management that shields all parties from risk related to the exchange of sensitive information
  • Vince is an innovator and serial entrepreneur whose skills span decades of success and cutting edge innovation

(ESG News) – Several years ago, Vince Albanese, CEO/Founder of Haven Health Solutions, was diagnosed with cancer. 

“The view from the bed is a lot different than the view from outside the bed,” Albanese told Ed Kim, host of the Traders Network Show, at the Converge2Xcelerate Conference in Boston. “Uncertainty is just rife through that. And when it’s your life or a loved one’s life, you want to know what’s going on.” 

Albanese said his firsthand experience with uncertainty in the healthcare system inspired him to work toward a solution. 

“The manifestation of uncertainty is having a test, and then not getting a response back. What does that prompt? It prompts a phone call to an office where there is no one to answer a phone to a return call where there is not someone prepared to answer it,” Albanese said. In this healthcare version of Chaos Theory, “The butterfly flapping its wings causes costs to ripple through the entire system. That manifests everywhere. It’s the doctor, it’s the insurance company, it’s government. We want to eliminate and reduce that,” he continued.  

Albanese says the solution should be left up to the private sector. 

“It is going to take the industry to solve this because it requires cooperation. The government’s primary role is to mandate at a high level what should happen. But then you’ve got to stimulate the industry to solve the problem on their own. Otherwise, it becomes too much of a carrot or stick, which is negative and takes way too long,” Albanese said. 


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