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Isuzu Philippines Launches Solar PV Project

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Isuzu Philippines Launches Solar PV Project

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After introducing its Road to Progress vision in 2022, Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) launches its Solar Photovoltaic Project with the goal of becoming energy self-sufficient to reduce carbon dioxide emission of its manufacturing plant in Biñan, Laguna.

IPC envisions itself to be the vital engine for the Philippine society towards a sustainable automotive chain, thus driving the company through an ESG perspective – Environment, Social and Governance. Several Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities had been accomplished last year and many are still in line for 2023 as part of fulfilling its social aspect. As for the environment aspect, IPC has also taken a bold step last year by sourcing 100% of its power from renewable energy from Bataan Solar Plant. And as an effort to becoming an energy self-sufficient company, IPC mounted 1,100 solar PV panels on the roof of its manufacturing plant towards the last quarter of 2022.

With 500-kilowatt capacity, the solar PV panels have been successfully catering up to 22% of the energy consumption of IPC manufacturing plant. With the combined renewable energy sourced from Bataan Solar Plant and IPC’s own Solar PV Project, IPC has been reducing as much as 1,790 tons of CO2 emission annually.

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“As the global race to decarbonize accelerate, Isuzu Philippines is up to the challenge to prove that is and will always be “Your Responsible Partner”. With the launch of our Solar PV Project, we are taking a big step towards leading the industry on the road to sustainability.”, IPC President Noboru Murakami stated.

Mr. Murakami kicked off the Road to Progress vision after taking over IPC Presidency in May 2022. Before finally transferring to his new designation in January 2023, he, together with IPC VP for Manufacturing – Yoshiki Yanai, was able to oversee the progress and the successful launching of the IPC Solar PV Project.

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