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Known Holdings Appoints ESG Advocate Jim Casselberry as Chief Executive Officer

Known Holdings Appoints ESG Advocate Jim Casselberry as Chief Executive Officer

Known Holdings, a new financial platform designed to power the growth of the BIPOC-owned (Black, Indigenous and people of color) economy, has appointed finance and ESG advocate Jim Casselberry as its Chief Executive Officer.

Launched in November 2021, by a coalition of highly recognized influencers and business leaders, Known aims to close the racial wealth gap by addressing the structural barriers facing BIPOC entrepreneurs and investors. People of color represent 70 percent of the global population, but control less than two percent of the world’s capital. According to research Known Holdings sees the combined buying power of Black, Asian and Latinx communities alone is an estimated $3.9 trillion, and would be the fourth largest economy in the world.

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Known is targeting the financial industry, where wealth is created and allocated, in order to elevate the New BIPOC Majority in the U.S. to wealth and ownership commensurate with its size. Assembling a team of top leaders and thinkers in finance, Known is building a “mothership” to provide the funding, counsel, technology, and back-office support needed to grow BIPOC-owned asset management firms, businesses and investment funds to their rightful scale.

“What’s so thrilling about Known is that it’s a comprehensive response to the fundamental elements of the wealth gap,” said Casselberry. “Every titan of industry in our sector spun out from one of the giant financial motherships. That’s why we’ve put together an amazing team of leading financial professionals, seasoned investors, and deeply experienced operators to create that same kind of growth engine for the New Majority, and to grow them with a focus on the needs of BIPOC communities, such as climate, justice, and sustainable wealth creation.”

Source: Known Holdings


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