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Marvion™ Crosses US$1.2million Revenues On Sale of Intellectual Property Licenses In Important Milestone And Adopts Polygon Chain for DOTs in line with its vision to Achieving Carbon Neutrality in the near future

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Marvion™ Crosses US$1.2million Revenues On Sale of Intellectual Property Licenses In Important Milestone And Adopts Polygon Chain for DOTs in line with its vision to Achieving Carbon Neutrality in the near future

Bonanza Goldfields Corp. (OTC: BONZ) is pleased to make the following announcement:

  • Marvion’s Revenues from the initial launch of movie remake licenses exceeded US$1.2 million in another important milestone achievement in 2022;
  • Marvion™️ announces the adoption of Polygon (MATIC) for the minting of its Digital Ownership Tokens ( DOTs) in its quest to become carbon neutral in the near future.


In 2022, MarvionTM achieved several milestones based on our DOTs, including the trading of Intellectual Property, Copyright, and Trademark licenses (IP Licenses) for protecting property that is the result of creativity.

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Since the launch of our first movie remake license DOTs in late June, MarvionTM is pleased to announce that this initial launch has generated revenue exceeding US$1.2 Million in less than one month. This represents a key milestone in the company’s achievement and is the first of many remake licence DOT projects in the days to come.

MarvionTM will continue to provide updates to announce new DOTs projects from time to time. Stay tune!

One of the reasons behind this tremendous success in revenue lies in the fact that our Hybrid DOTs, unlike any other Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), are packaged with Intellectual Property (IP) rights, guaranteeing our consumers the assignments of legal rights vested thereunder. Without a shadow of doubt, this is a powerful vehicle to secure authentication and ownership of intangible property.

This week, Marvion™ achieved yet another milestone of demonstrating how movie remake licenses, a very small category of IP Licenses, can be traded with more assurances and better efficiency on the blockchain. With this milestone achieved, Marvion ™ continues to make progress towards its mission of becoming the leading platform for the trading of all media and entertainment related IP Licenses. No doubt the market will continue to see how MarvionTM Hybrid DOTs will continue to be the next evolution of transactions for intangible property (e.g., IP) where tested NFT technologies will be leveraged to enable expeditious/near-instantaneous secondary transaction, removing traditional lag times (e.g., attendance of lawyers, drafting of paper transaction documents, etc.).

Being the first in market, MarvionTM  management is confident that there will be continued growth in both interest amongst the markets as the greater public becomes more educated in Hybrid DOT.


MarvionTM  is also pleased to announce that we will be adopting Polygon (MATIC) in our Hybrid DOT as part of our ESG strategy. Being blockchain agnostic, Marvion™ can continuously adopt the most environmentally friendly blockchain solution appropriate for its business. The adoption and implementation of  Polygon  for Marvion™ Hybrid DOTs reflects its vision to eventually become carbon neutral.  Some of the benefits of using the Polygon chain include (but is not limited to):

  • Comparably lower transaction (gas) fees;
  • Fast transaction speeds; and
  • Eco friendly (carbon negative) blockchain.

Kevin Tan, CEO of Bonanza Goldfields Corporation (BONZ), commented, “We took our time to carefully develop the world’s best DOT product for intangible assets to disrupt the media and entertainment industry by facilitating the efficient, effective and secure trading of IP Licenses. And we are conscious of the responsibility to achieve carbon neutrality as soon as possible.  We have always aspired to take the lead on the responsible implementation of NFT technologies and today, I am proud to say that we have achieved that.”

Our PR Director in Marvion™️, Marsella Cheng, comes to an end to comment, “Although revenues will always be the most important to any private commercial enterprise like ours, it’s absolutely paramount that we continue to work together diligently to advance ESG and establish MarvionTM as the leading innovator in the media and entertainment industry, and using the Polygon chain will eventually move us towards becoming a net positive for the ecosystem.”

Source: PRNewswire


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