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Microsoft Purchases 500,000 Metric Tons of DAC Carbon Removal Credits from 1PointFive in Largest-ever Purchase Agreement

Microsoft Purchases 500,000 Metric Tons of DAC Carbon Removal Credits from 1PointFive in Largest-ever Purchase Agreement

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  • Largest DAC CDR Purchase: Microsoft secures 500,000 metric tons of carbon removal credits, marking the biggest DAC-enabled deal.
  • Support for Carbon Negative Goal: Agreement aligns with Microsoft’s aim to become carbon negative by 2030.
  • Industrial-Scale Carbon Capture: Credits facilitated by 1PointFive’s STRATOS facility, emphasizing scalable climate tech.

1PointFive, a leading company in carbon capture, utilization, and sequestration (CCUS), announced a groundbreaking agreement with Microsoft to sell 500,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) credits over six years. This deal, the largest DAC-enabled purchase to date, underscores the growing adoption of direct air capture (DAC) technology as a viable solution for achieving net-zero emissions.

Scaling Carbon Removal Efforts

The carbon removal credits for Microsoft will be enabled by STRATOS, 1PointFive’s first industrial-scale DAC facility, currently under construction in Texas. The captured carbon dioxide will be securely stored through subsurface saline sequestration, ensuring it is not used for oil and gas production. This method provides a transparent and durable way to tackle emissions, especially from hard-to-abate sectors.

Michael Avery, President and General Manager of 1PointFive, highlighted the significance of this deal:

We are excited about this landmark agreement for Direct Air Capture, which is a result of Microsoft’s leadership in carbon removal and focus on building a more sustainable future. A commitment of this magnitude further demonstrates how one of the world’s largest corporations is integrating scalable Direct Air Capture into its net zero strategy.

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Microsoft’s Carbon Negative Ambition

Microsoft’s commitment to becoming carbon negative by 2030 is a key driver behind this agreement. Brian Marrs, Senior Director for Carbon Removal and Energy at Microsoft, emphasized the critical role of DAC in their strategy:

We’re very pleased to announce this deal with 1PointFive, a pioneer in the Direct Air Capture space, which is building the largest DAC project worldwide. To achieve the gigatons of removals needed this century, first-of-a-kind projects like STRATOS are essential to move from pilots to scale. DAC plays an important role in Microsoft’s carbon removal portfolio supporting our broader goal of becoming carbon negative by 2030.

This partnership not only highlights the significant role of direct air capture in global carbon reduction efforts but also sets a precedent for future large-scale carbon removal initiatives, driving the technology from pilot projects to industrial-scale operations.

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