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More Companies Get Into the Mix of Converting Harmful Waste Into Revenue

More Companies Get Into the Mix of Converting Harmful Waste Into Revenue


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/PRNewswire/ — A number of companies around the world are creating innovative ideas to combat climate change. On, a Swiss sports brand, has launched a sustainability initiative that uses carbon emissions to create a durable material for running shoes. Other companies like LG Innotek are reducing their carbon footprint by depositing zero waste into landfills. As investors look for companies that keep environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles at the forefront of their businesses, companies are working to ensure their products, services, and processes are geared toward reducing emissions and helping create a “circular economy,” where products have more than one life and they are used for other purposes. Companies like Northstar Clean Technologies, Inc. (TSXV:ROOF) (OTCQB:ROOOF), GFL Environmental Inc. (NYSE:GFL) (TSX:GFL), Waste Connections Inc. (NYSE:WCN), Clean Harbors Inc. (NYSE:CLH), and Covanta Holding Corp. (NYSE:CVA) are developing new technologies and products that put the environment and the circular economy first, while maintaining a strong focus on generating shareholder value. These groundbreaking companies are turning waste into revenue.

Many investors have turned their attention to companies such as Northstar Clean Technologies Inc. (TSXV:ROOF) (OTCQB:ROOOF), a company focused on the recovery and reuse of single-use asphalt shingles to produce liquid asphalt, fiber and sand while diverting waste shingles from landfills.

On February 17, Northstar Clean Technologies announced that it has initiated steady-state production at Empower Facility, its fully-built shingle reprocessing plant in Delta, British Columbia, to process discarded single-use asphalt shingles into liquid asphalt, fiber and aggregate. These products can thus re-enter the economy instead of being sent to landfill. The company currently produces “green asphalt” to the design specifications of the Empower facility.

We are thrilled to have finally entered this critical stage of our Company’s development. Critically, this technology is the foundation for our ongoing independent engineering design study for our future scale up facilities,” said Northstar Clean Technologies President and CEO Aidan Mills. 

“Our objective is to maximize the applicability of what we believe is the “greenest” asphalt in North America. In delivering this, we will be in the unique position where our reprocessing of asphalt shingles could not only divert approximately 40,000 tonnes of shingles per annum per facility currently sent to landfill, but these products can be applied in numerous markets. We believe we now have a sustainable, proven solution that can help solve North America’s asphalt waste problem,” he added.

Northstar has launched a steady-state production plan which is expected to deliver asphalt shingle throughput of 10-20 tonnes per day up to 4-5 days per week. The two main output products (liquid asphalt and aggregate) precisely meets the company’s end product specification objectives. The production of specification products has enabled the company to deliver samples of its “green asphalt” and aggregates to several industry partners and potential customers for detailed technical analysis.

Since October 2021, Northstar has been implementing the changes identified by the unit-by-unit commissioning of the company’s proprietary BEST process. This commissioning process, combined with the steady-state production ramp-up, provided a clear roadmap for targeted commercial production levels at 50-75 tpd.

Northstar is hosting site visits for industry stakeholders, investors, media and government agencies at the Empower facility in February and March 2022 to showcase its operating process and technology.


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