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NFT Infrastructure Company InfiniteWorld Announces a Partnership With Artist Sean Shim-Boyle to Develop Condition Reports for NFTs

NFT Infrastructure Company InfiniteWorld Announces a Partnership With Artist Sean Shim-Boyle to Develop Condition Reports for NFTs

Canadian-born artist Sean Shim-Boyle, known for his site-specific architectural interventions, partners with NFT infrastructure company InfiniteWorld to create NFT Grade, an application for generating condition reports for NFTs, which will launch the first beta this Spring 2022. NFT Grade will be developed in alignment with the traditional art world with the aim of establishing a baseline of trust and transparency for an emerging technology plagued by opaque business practices and inadequate protections for producers and consumers.

The public launch of NFT Grade will leverage Hedera Hashgraph, the world’s most sustainable, utilized, and enterprise-grade blockchain to assess the design, technology, environmental impact, storage, and compliance of NFTs. NFT Grade will go to market with support from the HBAR Foundation, an entity formed to fuel the development of the Hedera ecosystem by providing grants and other resources to developers.

Sean Shim-Boyle shared, “As a sculptor, I am acutely aware that the strength and durability of things can rarely be discerned by merely looking at them. While there is enormous potential for NFTs to serve the best interests of artists, artist estates, foundations, museums, galleries, and auction houses among others – tools to validate acts of integrity from artifice and to distinguish the work of con-men from the sincere are needed. First we must do no harm.”

Wes Geisenberger, VP of Sustainability & ESG at The HBAR Foundation, said, “The synthesis of NFTs and traditional art will only be possible with the advent of authentication technology like NFT Grade; we are very pleased NFT Grade is able to fill a critical role in our ecosystem as a trusted validation tool that institutions require. This is the first use case of the open-source Guardian for capturing the artists’ process digitally. Through this process we can ensure authenticity as art is shared in physical and digital formats and provide new monetization opportunities for artists. There is a huge financial opportunity around proving provenance of art pieces to make sure that the quality of pieces of artwork are upheld.”

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Yonathan Lapchik, CEO of InfiniteWorld, expressed, “As an NFT infrastructure company, we operate at the cutting edge of decentralized technology, design, and authentication. Modeling the highest possible standards of practice is core to our mission and the key to our continued success and why our partnership with Sean and Hedera to build NFT Grade is timely and appropriate. We believe we have much to offer and much more to learn.”

Source: InfiniteWorld


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