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Nicole Patrice Live at the 2022 EarthX Expo in Dallas, Texas


Nicole Patrice Live at the 2022 EarthX Expo in Dallas, Texas


Nicole Patrice De Member, Partner, Mines Fund (00:00):

My name is Nicole Patrice De Member, I’m a partner in mines fund, uh, venture fund investing in energy advancement. I’m excited to be here today at the blockchain summit part of earth X 2022. Uh, I got to talk today on stage with the artist rain about NFTs and blockchain in the future of web three, my past history in music as the founder of Effigy studios that sold to Dr. Dre, Eminem and 50 cent has allowed me in a lot of music, conversation rooms, these conversations around music help push forward technology and the new technology going on like blockchain. This is helping the community and public become more comfortable and aware why this is important to me is we need to see mining and minerals, the rare earth minerals on the blockchain so we can hold accountable. So we’re treating the earth and the people, the people in the communities around this safe. And we want to ensure that they have the structure to have clean water, to have clean air and to have good jobs. Uh, so it is neat to see this crossover transition with the musicians, uh, coming into NFTs, getting excited about blockchain and how we’ll be using that to keep the world safe and to keep people safe.

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