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Samsung teams up with Patagonia to reduce microplastics

Samsung teams up with Patagonia to reduce microplastics

(Geeky Gadgets) – Samsung has announced that it is teaming up with Patagonia to reduce microplastics and stop them from going into our oceans.

Samsung is creating a new washing machine that is designed to minimize the effects of microplastics, you can see more details on this below.

Together, the companies are working on a feasible, effective and expandable way to combat the microplastics that result from textiles and laundry. Samsung is taking the goal of cleaner oceans to heart by designing a sophisticated new washing machine that lets people safely wash their favorite garments while minimizing the impact of microplastics. And this eco-conscious solution will come without compromising on the high-performance cleaning and care that Samsung’s washers are known for.

This is only the latest in a long line of steps Samsung is taking to create long-lasting appliances that improve environmental sustainability. Samsung’s washers already use a unique feature called Ecobubble™, which lets consumers clean their clothes efficiently, even at low temperatures, by generating a greater amount of bubbles. This helps the detergent quickly penetrate fabrics and remove dirt, all while saving energy and protecting the color and texture of the clothing.

What’s more, the AI Wash feature makes use of sensors to measure the weight of the load and the level of soiling to ensure that the optimal amount of water, detergent and energy is used to get that specific load clean – cutting down water waste, and using less energy in the process.


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