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SEC Proposes Regulations to Address ESG Label

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SEC Proposes Regulations to Address ESG Label

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The SEC has proposed rule and form amendments that, would require additional disclosures regarding environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investment practices by RIAs, registered investment companies, and business development companies. The SEC also proposed rules to extend the 80% investment policy requirement in Rule 35d-1 under the Investment Company Act to any registered fund with a name that suggests it focuses on ESG factors. These proposed rules are aimed at helping investors navigate the endless array of ESG investing options. There is currently no tailored rule for ESG investing and the proposed rules would require consistent ESG-related disclosures about ESG products and services. Disclosures will include how a firm evaluates ESG factors and or how it achieves its stated ESG objectives. Advisors and funds will now need to take any necessary steps to prepare for these ESG-related disclosure requirements.

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Source: Finsum

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