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Serbia’s DeLasol Opens Country’s Largest Solar Park

Serbia’s DeLasol Opens Country’s Largest Solar Park

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The biggest solar park in Serbia’s push into renewable power was completed in late March and began operations on Wednesday, owner and operator DeLasol said in a statement.

Serbia, which produces most of its electric power from ageing coal-fired plants, plans to increase the output from renewable energy sources to 40% of total production by 2040.

DeLasol was formed as a special purpose vehicle for the construction of the solar plant in the town of Lapovo and four more plants with the same production capacity will be built over the next two years, owner Milos Kostic told Reuters.

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With installed capacity of its solar panels at 11.8 MW, the plant in Lapovo will be able to produce enough electricity for 2,100 households, said Kostic, who also owns Serbia’s leading solar park construction company MT-KOMEX.

Mining and Energy Minister Dubravka Djedovic said that cooperation between the public and private sectors is required for successful transition to green energy.


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