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Sergio Fernandez de Cordova Live at the 2022 EarthX Expo in Dallas, Texas 


Sergio Fernandez de Cordova Live at the 2022 EarthX Expo in Dallas, Texas 


Sergio Fernandez de Cordova, Chairman, PVBLIC (00:00):

Hello, Sergio Fernandez de Cordova, chairman of the public foundation and co-founder of blockchain for impact summit. Today, we had an amazing summit focused on how we look at policy regulations and governance around the future of digital currencies and digital assets. We had the honor of having Hercy prime minister of St. Martin and, uh, delegates from, uh, across the United, uh, across the globe UN uh, permanent missions, as well as having a deputy from Mexico whose famous tweet made him the most popular man in Mexico around the future of digital currencies. So today we had a lot of innovators tell us about how they’re looking at proof of reception as a means of advancing the future of blockchain, looking at how we are advancing humanitarian efforts, looking how we are making sure that we’re not leaving behind environmental solutions and using technology. We also had to head of it’s development program, uh, Doreen Bogden, Martin, tell us a little bit about what the ITU is doing with digital technologies and how we must not forget.

Sergio Fernandez de Cordova, Chairman, PVBLIC (01:07):

As we look at blockchain solutions, we cannot forget the 2.9 billion people. The digital divide is real. There are people that do not have access to technology. So when we talk about blockchain technology and the future of blockchain, we must remember about the people that don’t have access to this and how do we onboard him? So we had Eric main director of Ks talking about the work that he did in Indonesia, around how in Indonesian leaders have ma created a, a partnership with Kice to make sure that not only are they using blockchain technologies, but they’re not using crypto, they’re using the technology platform, white labeling it and using their infrastructure, their post offices, making sure that they actually are doing something for the benefit of the people, which is the most important part of how we look at these technologies for us and, you know, with what we bring together with the blockchain commission, the blockchain for impact summits.

Sergio Fernandez de Cordova, Chairman, PVBLIC (02:00):

Um, we make sure that we, these innovators are not sitting there and looking at the commercialization, but we’re looking at how we are advancing society, advancing the SDGs and creating solutions that governments can come in and white label and utilize so that they could do their jobs. As we heard from the deputy of Mexico today, he said, I’m a little bit nervous about where this future is going, but I do have a responsibility when you bring technology and politicians together, we have a responsibility for environment and innovation. We also learned today that governments do not want to hear disruption. They want to hear innovation. They want to advance their opportunity, use this as an opportunity to advance their people, their lower of part of the pyramid. How do we bring solutions to advance SDG one and SDG two? How do we era a poverty and bank? The unbanked, the moment that we could bring people into the financial economy, we are now doing our job. So as it relates to, you know, the Blockchain for impact, we’ve had an amazing, amazing summit today. And I’m really excited to bring us to a close and, you know, look forward to more events today. We also, uh, made a commitment with the prime minister of St. Martin, uh, to host a blockchain for impact summit there and bring some innovators to help her see how we can bring innovators so they can actually advance policy in their country so that they could create opportunities and sustainable solutions while creating educational opportunities for all of their students from K through college. So we’re excited to create these partnerships as we go and bring these opportunities, partnering with the UN and prime and prime ministers and representatives, uh, from all governments. So thank you everyone.

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