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ShelterZoom Completes Digitization Phase of Vatican University library Archives Blockchain-Tokenization Project

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ShelterZoom Completes Digitization Phase of Vatican University library Archives Blockchain-Tokenization Project

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Blockchain-based SaaS smart document platform and Blockchain API company, successfully completes digitization of Vatican University archives and will now index digital documents for public blockchain tokenization access 

ShelterZoom, a smart document provider, announced today in cooperation with Humanity 2.0, the completion of the digitization archiving phase of the blockchain integration for the Vatican’s Pontifical Oriental Institute’s proprietary library of books, centuries-old texts and sacred manuscripts from around the world. Public viewing is expected to go live in mid-2022 operating on a highly secure, blockchain-based infrastructure. 

As part of this strategic partnership, (recently featured in the New York Times), the multi-agency public and private organization collaboration led by ShelterZoom  will both digitalize the Vatican university library while also future-proofing the Vatican’s university its library infrastructure by securing, tokenizing and converting the analog scanned book copies into tokenized digital assets. 

The project once completed is expected to set new digitalization standards for both the academic and commercial publishing industry.

“This marks a major milestone for not just the academic community but the entire publishing industry. We are extremely honored to be working with the Orientale, Father Nazar, and one of the Vatican’s most prestigious institutional libraries on this historic project,” says Chao Cheng-Shorland, CEO at ShelterZoom. ‘The work we have been doing is so crucial to help bring new life to vital academic works and archives. We are excited to start working on the next phase by implementing, it is a leap forward to Web 3.0 for all stakeholders.”

This is a Humanity 2.0 collaboration with Pontifical Oriental Institute, ShelterZoom and project partners, Seery Systems, SMA Electronic Document GmbH, Analogue Imaging LLC. 

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