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Supply Chain Sustainability Management Leader Assent Launches New Brand Poised for Continued Strategic Growth

Supply Chain Sustainability Management Leader Assent Launches New Brand Poised for Continued Strategic Growth

Assent Inc. (Assent), formerly Assent Compliance Inc., unveiled its new brand today – including a new company name, logo and mission statement – as the latest sign of the firm’s significant growth as a leader in delivering comprehensive supply chain sustainability management solutions to manufacturers.

Assent is specifically focused on complex manufacturers, a subset of manufacturers in the industrial equipment, electronics, medical device, aerospace/defense and automotive verticals whose products have a long design cycle and shelf life. More importantly, with thousands of parts making up a single product — and equally as many supplier partners across their global supply chain — complex manufacturers have extreme supply chain sustainability requirements. These companies need detailed data on all layers of supplier activity to manage business risk, gain competitive advantage and build sustainable businesses and products.

Assent has more than a decade of experience working with complex manufacturers to track and report on ESG priorities such as human trafficking, modern slavery, toxic substances, conflict minerals and anti-corruption, as well as to actively uncover and reduce supply chain risks and provide expert guidance toward best practices. Assent has evolved as a leader in supply chain sustainability management, helping complex manufacturers see deeper into their supply chains, be smarter with powerful data, and grow better to seize market opportunities. The company is expanding its strategic focus to build upon its compliance expertise with sustainability solutions to help its customers address ever-evolving marketplace needs. 

“Compliance is the root of all sustainability programs, especially for complex manufacturers,” said Andrew Waitman, CEO of Assent. “Our company name change and rebrand efforts highlight our expansive product solutions that now span across product compliance, trade compliance and ESG and are geared to help companies advance their sustainability programs and initiatives. You simply can’t do sustainability without addressing the supply chain. That’s why our platform continuously maps and monitors suppliers, products, parts and practices to provide the transparency manufacturers need to address critical global challenges, eliminate the use of harmful chemicals and reduce environmental impacts.”

Source: Assent Inc.


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