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Vionic Announces Launch Collection of VIONIC x PROTEUS Sustainable Sneaker Line with Fabien Cousteau’s Proteus Ocean Group

Vionic Announces Launch Collection of VIONIC x PROTEUS Sustainable Sneaker Line with Fabien Cousteau’s Proteus Ocean Group

VIONIC x PROTEUS™ launch beach cleanup in Santa Monica with Fabien Cousteau.

Committed to a sustainable and environmentally conscious future, Vionic launches collaboration footwear line to support Proteus Ocean Group in finding innovative solutions to preserve and heal the ocean

Vionic Shoes, part of the Caleres portfolio of brands, is proud to announce a mission-driven collection of footwear VIONIC x PROTEUS, a sustainable sneaker collection initiative supporting PROTEUS™ founded by renowned aquanaut, ocean explorer, and environmentalist Fabien Cousteau — grandson of Jacques-Yves Cousteau — is the world’s most advanced underwater research station and habitat, built to foster global awareness for the ocean and climate change. The partnership will provide $500,000 over the next three years to support ocean health, sustainability and innovation for PROTEUS™, the partnership will also include co-branded beach cleanups and a consumer education campaign with the exclusive launch of the ‘sea-inspired’ capsule collection of Vionic’s eco-conscious Beach sneakers.

VIONIC x PROTEUS™ launch beach cleanup in Santa Monica with Fabien Cousteau.

To launch the collaboration, Vionic held a beach clean-up in Santa Monica with Fabien Cousteau in attendance as a part of the first in a series of beach cleanups as a part of the consumer education campaign.  “The beach cleanup in Santa Monica this past weekend was an excellent kick-off to our ongoing beach cleanup series with Vionic. Not only did we collect over 500 pounds  of garbage on the beach, we also created a space for the community to connect over a shared passion: ocean conservation. Our goal is to continue creating awareness and driving action at the local level, therefore taking essential steps in addressing climate change,” said Fabien Cousteau, Founder and Executive board member, Proteus Ocean Group, Ltd.

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The VIONIC x PROTEUS™ collection’s sustainable design features three styles, the Laguna, Malibu and Pismo incorporating canvas fabric from natural materials made with Repreve® fabric, outsoles made from a rubber- and soybean-based compound, and Vegan certification. The PROTEUS™ capsule collection of eco-conscious Vionic Beach sneakers showcases an exclusive ‘sea-inspired coral’ print. Repreve® is 100% post–consumer recycled material created from ocean–bound plastic bottles collected up to 30 miles at sea, off coastlines of developing countries/regions that lack formal waste recycling systems, using more than 30 billion plastic recycled bottles.

All the VIONIC x PROTEUS™  styles feature Vionic’s podiatrist-developed Three-Zone Comfort technology, known for promoting overall foot health and for offering relief to those who suffer from painful conditions such as Plantar fasciitis. With wellness for people and the planet being central to its core values, Vionic advocates for community in many ways through its Vionic Cares philanthropic branch. Aligning with consumers for whom sustainability is also front of mind, Vionic is honored to be a founding sponsor of PROTEUS™.

“Vionic, at its core, is a wellness brand, contributing to individuals’ health by empowering them to live their best lives, from the ground up,” said Angela Caltagirone, senior vice president and general manager of Vionic. “With PROTEUS™, we align in our sense of innovation and in our commitment to our oceans and planet. We will lean on the expertise of the PROTEUS™ team to guide us in making the best eco-forward decisions we can. In turn, we’ll bring their message to our customers to create greater demand for more sustainability in all consumer goods, including footwear. 

To learn more about VIONIC x PROTEUS™  collection visit https://www.vionicshoes.com/proteus.

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