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Arbor Capital Provides Investment Management with a Conscience

Arbor Capital Provides Investment Management with a Conscience

Arbor Capital has been providing investment management and enhanced financial planning services for more than 25 years. In those 25 years, they have remained committed to evolving with their clients and proactively responding to changes in the investment landscape and beyond.

Along with a beautiful new website and brand, Arbor Capital has begun offering ESG investing opportunities to their clients. ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance investing. It gives investors the opportunity to align their investment objectives with their values in these areas.

“We believe that Environment, Social, and Governance investing is not just a trend. We believe it is how investors can make an impact with their investment assets. Our ESG strategies are customized to fit our clients’ needs and goals,” says Dave M. Valdez, MBA, CWS®, ChFC®, Director of Wealth Strategies for Arbor Capital.

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So how does an ESG strategy work? One of the most widely referenced ESG rating systems is the MSCI ESG score, which scores nearly 10,000 companies and more than 650,000 fixed income and equity securities worldwide including ESG funds. A good ESG rating means that a company, equity, or fund is managing its environmental, social, and corporate governance risks well and a poor one means that the exposure to ESG risks is higher or these risks are poorly managed.

For environmental ratings, the factors that are considered are climate change issues like carbon emissions and climate change vulnerability, pollution and waste, and natural capital issues like water sourcing, biodiversity, and land use. Considerations for the social score include labor management, health safety practices, consumer financial protection, community relations, and finance and healthcare access. For corporate governance, issues like executive compensation, business ethics, and accounting practices are considered.

Arbor Capital uses ESG ratings systems like MSCI and others to determine which securities and funds will be eligible for an ESG focused portfolio or allocation and then uses their proprietary investing philosophy to encourage growth and performance while mitigating volatility.

“What’s special about ESG investing is that our clients can choose the issues that matter to them and align their portfolios with those issues. They’re making a difference in the world with their investments and reaching their long-term investment goals in the process. It really is a win-win.” Says Valdez.

For more information on Arbor Capital’s ESG investing strategy visit arborcapital.io or reach out to the team for a complimentary portfolio review by emailing [email protected].

Source: Arbor Capital


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